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The U800 Samsung cellular phone can be known as Soul B which may be distinguished from its predecessor for the bag of chips model. Like a great many other contemporary video advertising publishers on the market this cellular phone includes almost the entire modern cellular phone technologies. Common features similar to the still cum camcorder, the Internet, FM radio, MMS, games, media player, memory card option, predictive text input etc. are available in this gadget besides a great many other features.

Today any potential user goes for a cellular phone built with the Internet facility. As this feature has become inevitable the Samsung U800 does possess this feature. Its TFT screen may be the window to the wealth of knowledge. It will surely not deny you any information if it’ll exist on the net. The users can enjoy e-mail service on this gadget which supports the users keep touching their dear ones whilst on the road without their calling them. As this 3G cellular phone supports MMS its users can share texts doing his thing with associated motion photographs. Furthermore, it supports Bluetooth technology which supports the users enjoy wireless connectivity with some other compatible devices. However, in addition it supports USB cable connection which may be utilized to transfer data files. The HSDPA feature inside it expedites the connectivity of the smart phone. This gadget functions on a tri band network with HSDPA 2100 coverage.


This gadget can be built with a 3 mega pixels Camera which supports the users capture ultimate photographs even without any lest application of the users skill. Its video advertising technology feature helps the users capture any moment in action. The motion photographs captured having its camera may be stored and distributed to some other compatible devices. The LED flash and the auto focus features in this widget assist in the caliber of its output. It can be built with a camera which may be utilized for video calling.

Its predictive text input helps the users save time and energy. While creating the text this input predicts the phrase an individual is obviously to type. So, the users can complete the text even without any users actually typing the whole text. The users can also take advantage of the games on this widget. If unhappy the players can also download games on this mobile phone. This feature increases the fun of playing games. Its hands-free speaker helps the users converse with the caller even whilst the widget is on a dining table a bit away for the user.